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Mr. Sax C


As Saxophone performer, life gave me the opportunity to play this wonderfull instrument and can share it with you in the most incredible events, like weddings, anniversaries, private parties, corporate events, with a great experience in all that kind of parties.


         Each party has a special environment, so the background music, or the songs style, are always adapted to that specific situation with experience and expertise. I keep my clients and their guests, all around the world, happy and satisfied with my work since 2000.


 With several masters degrees in music, as saxophone player, orchestra conductor and composition, all my career is surrounded of music, and every day I keep working as a saxophone teacher in the conservatory, conducting my orchestras and composing for orchestras. All these situations provided to me the best tools to do my work strict and professional.


I just love to play live and make the listeners happy with my music and my passion and steel learning with each performance.





We have a several options and packages for all Kinds of events! Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and more.



We have a selection of full day packages available covering music as soon as your guests arrive to the final song of the evening!

As option, if you already have another musicians, you can choose a selection of wedding services, covering sax music for the Ceremony, Welcome

Drinks, Dinner & Evening Reception Along side with Dj. Check out more info below! 



Are your company expecting to organize an event, drinks reception or dinner or a big party? We have a selection of services available to provide the perfect music accompaniment along the saxophone.

Whether it be a chilled DJ performance setting the perfect tone for a cocktail drinks or a more energetic performance for your evening party, we can get you party in the mood! 





We are also available  to for all kind of parties. for exemple your second day wedding, pool party, after party, birthday party, sunset party or just a party! We can offer a private party package or just 1h30m or 2 hours of good up beat music with the sax feeling. Check out what we can offer below!